Life always answers with a « Yes »


To get what I want, I use 2 tactics: The first one – I visualise by feeling the emotions at every level and on every aspect, with maximum power. I create my story with precision and details, and then, I play the lead role in it. That way, I magnetize what I covet.

The 2nd tactic: “I go get it!” I have the strength and the power of creation, I engage the process of action. I map out a route where there isn’t necessarily one. I know that I’m guided, because I have intuition.

Intuition knows me better than anyone and it knows that I came to create and that I came to live.

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On many occasions, I surprised myself with what I had attracted in my life. Our power is infinite. (Be careful what you wish for)

Oh and if life has ever told you “no”, well keep in mind that it’s simply because something better is coming!
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