5 Tips for Letting Go

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It’s a sign. Another one. *Sarcastic laugh*

This time, I know I have to let go.

I really want it!

I want it so bad that I don’t even remember why.

I’ve I lost all my senses?

It surely feels like its non-sense!

If I really think about it, the answer is obvious!

it’s perfectly clear in my mind, and yet… *sigh*

And yet, I think about it constantly.

I’m exhausted. I realize that I’ve spent too much time, money and energy on something that will probably not come as I want it.

I’ve examined the question from all angles and the answer that I’m getting is: LET IT GO!

“Huh!?! I’m ‘hanging on like never before’ and you want me to just give up?!!”

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so difficult to let go?

Yet the concept is quite simple: have faith, let go and everything’s going to be alright. Ya right!

If you’re like me, it’s much easier said than done! Quite often, our subconscious wrongly associates what we care about with something vital, essential, even indispensable. Let’s add to it all the emotions and voilà, it’s #foutu!

It’s now almost impossible to let it go!

The wish to control everything, even what can’t be controlled, is directly linked to the ego. And as you all already know, the ego prefers by far to be the driver rather than the passenger.

But what does letting go really mean?

Since I can’t change either things or events, and much less others, the only option that remains is to change my perception.

Yes! it all comes down to my #attitude

How to achieve it? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Start by becoming aware of the situation and lay it on paper.
  2. Accept the fact that persisting doesn’t lead anywhere.
  3. Realize that it’s ridiculous, even absurd. Try to laugh about it!
  4. Live in the moment. Right here, right now.
  5. Stop self-criticizing. Everything is perfect as it is.

And here’s my own bonus tip, the one I use on a regular basis: #prière, whether it’s to God or to the Universe, I formulate it with all my being. Over time, I realized that it takes much more strength to keep something good, than courage to move forward towards something precious. So keep going folks!

By letting go, it all gets done!

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