Procrastination, not as trivial as you would think !


I’m Miss hard work, tenacious and diligent. Disciplined. 

Procrastinate, who ? Me ? Pffft !!

The definition :

PROCASTINATION : from latin, « pro » meaning “forward” and « crastinus », which means “of tomorrow”.

It’s the tendency to systematically put off important tasks until the next day.

Uh-uh not me !

I really thought I was safe from this « phenomenon »…

Tell me about it ! 

In the long run, I have huge dreams to fulfill. And a lot of work to do to get there.

In the not so distant future, I have goals I would like to achieve. Goals that also require a lot of work. 

Today, here and now, well… I have a lifetime ahead of me ! Lol !!!!


My excuses for everything I should be doing ?

When I’ll have the money, the time, the knowledge, the resources…

When I’ll be older, slimmer, more famous…


Um… Am I the only one who does that ?? Even worse, I catch myself almost hoping that the work will get done instantaneously ! Obviously, we all know that : It takes HARD WORK !! I agree, but is it enough ?

Here’s what I have to share with you…

2 key elements to stop procrastinating

  • A time frame – A specific date
  • A commitment – A SERIOUS commitment from you, to you.

To know

Researchers have been able to prove that the mere fact of postponing until a later time causes anxiety, mental distress, stress and feelings of guilt. Over time, these symptoms can also lead to depression…

Procrastination is anything but trivial !

To do

What are my priorities ? Make a specific and detailed list of your priorities. YOUR prioritiesNot those that would make some other person happy !! For some other reason ??!! That list will give you an idea of where to start.


Slowly but surely

Plan small tasks. 

Here, I’ll use the staircase metaphor. You have two options: whether you see a 5-story staircase or you focus on the first step.

If you only look at the staircase’s height, you’ll feel dizzy, you’ll feel like you’ll never be able to make it and you’ll have a hard time getting on it. One step at a time, you can do this.

Steady and consistent work will lead you to small achievements. And those small achievements will lead you to YOUR fulfillment.

The distractions

Oh GOD ! Today, everything is a distraction. Our friends. Our cellphone, email notifications, social media. Everything ! 

A simple Wi-Fi access is enough to look up the title of that song playing on the radio, gaze at the latest Kim Kardashian’s #selfie and wakeup 6 days later from that coma, while the front of your house is in full screen on Google Maps !

All that is, of course, much more appealing than working ! What can we do before drifting away in all of these distractions ? Give yourself a few minutes to consider the consequences – the price to pay and your option to put that work off until a later time.


When you’ll have achieved your goal, however small it may be, CELEBRATE ! 

And if you open the champagne, call me, I’ll be there ! Lol


Starting Monday, I won’t procrastinate anymore.

How about you ?

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